Potential Signs of an Exhaust System Leak

An exhaust leak in your vehicle can be a major issue, and it's something you need to get checked out as soon as possible. One way to ensure you know you have an exhaust leak is to be on the lookout for common signs. Here are some signs of an exhaust leak to look for.

If your gas pedal is acting funny, such as vibrating, that may be a sign that you have an exhaust leak. This is a sign that shouldn't be ignored because it could be indicative of a major problem.

Another sign you could have an exhaust leak is increased engine noise. If your engine sounds louder than normal, it's a potential sign of a problem with your exhaust system. If you experience these or other issues that could signal an exhaust leak, bring your car to East Tennessee Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram in Crossville, TN, where we can diagnose the problem.

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