Healthy Snack Options for Road Trips and Other Long Car Rides.

Heading out on the road? Try some of these healthy snack options!

When on the road, we typically don’t think about our food too much and just eat whatever is convenient. Or we use it as a time to eat all the worst snack foods to help us get through a dreary car ride.

Though these can be fine in moderation, we tend to aimlessly eat when in the car. Plus, we are doing no physical activity, so we have no way to use up all those simple carbs. So instead, it gets stored as fat and we feel like a sack of potatoes when we finally reach our destination.

I understand how tempting a can of Pringles or a bag of skittles can be! Growing up, my family always packed the convenient, salty and sugary snack foods for our trips, and then stopped for fast food for our meals. Most of us do this for convenience and ease – but with a little planning, packing healthy foods for your road trip can be just as easy and save you some money while on the road!

Here are some suggestions:



Water – Bring your own water bottle or purchase your own case of water from the store.
You really don’t need any other beverage besides water when you are sitting in the car for hours. If you are needing to stay awake, and looking for a caffeine boost, try reaching for coffee over soda.

Juice is unnecessary, but if you really want it, make sure to use 100% fruit juices with no added sugar. For kids who drink Juice, try making a mixture of half juice, half water.


o easy fruits to bring along can be bananas, apples, cherries, oranges, or grapes.


Snack sized Chips/Crackers
o This prevents against the aimless snacking that can happen on a long car ride. Think about purchasing the “Snack sized” versions or portion them out yourself in plastic baggies. This helps fight the mindless eating that full chip bag can bring while on a car ride.

Granola barsepic bar 2.png
Nuts – aim for the nuts not covered in sugar. Pistachios are a great option because you must open them as well. – just make sure you have a place to put the shells!
Epic Bars – These are awesome bars packed with protein and natural ingredients and actually taste pretty good!
Carrots & Celery
Peanut Butter (Or other nut butters) – you can dip veggies in this or eat with crackers
Mini Sweet peppers
Snap Peas
· Think about trying these Fruit + Whey Protein pouches! (Or just get the regular fruit pouches for kids) No utensils necessary or crumbs left behind.


· Beans – if you aren’t too picky, you can eat these cold, right out of the can. Great source of fiber and protein plus a lot of other nutrients!


If you have a cooler:

Cheese sticks
Homemade “Lunchables” – crackers, cheese slices and summer sausage (or other choice of meat)
Hummus or Guacamole

For something sweet think about bringing along your own homemade cookies or have a square of Dark Chocolate. Or look for Sweets that are individually portioned and wrapped, so you don’t eat a whole bag of Skittles in one sitting.

For cheaper meals consider sandwiches. Bring along a loaf of bread, a jar of peanut butter and Jelly, or lunch meat and cheese (Lettuce tomato, onion, etc.). This will help cut down on the cost (And calories!) of fast food. Plus, you can find a nice rest-stop and spend some time out of the car together making your own lunch.

picnic 3.jpg

Consider having a “Snack Bin” that you can take out when it is snack time and put away when you are done. This helps fend off the mindless eating that comes along with a long car ride.

Don’t forget to pack baby wipes for sticky hands and paper towels or extra napkins for potential spills. Hand sanitize is a good idea too!

So, for your next road trip, think about trying some of these yummy (but healthy!) snack ideas!

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